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How to Get Fuller Looking Brows

How to Get Fuller Looking Brows

So the golden question is... what is brow lamination exactly?

Brow Lamination & How-To Guide

So what is brow lamination? Brow Lamination is a non-medical chemical procedure used to lift the brows so that the appear fuller. The brow lift is achieved using a brow lamination perm (initially) and a brow lamination glue (aftercare). Brow lamination is pretty much a perm for your eyebrows 😂.

How long does brow lamination last?

When a chemical (perm) is used, a brow lamination can last between 6-8 weeks. The time that the brow lamination lasts also depends on the oiliness of the skin (similar like getting micro-blading your eyebrows). The oilier the skin, the shorter the brow lamination effect may last.

Is brow lamination safe?


Brow lamination is typically safe if you have normal skin, however anyone with sensitive skin with any concerns probably should avoid this kind of treatment to avoid any potential irritation.

Considering brow lamination uses a perm, you're probably wondering what "brow lamination gone wrong" looks like. Brow Lamination can go wrong for a few reasons but going to someone who doesn't know what they're doing is one of them.

Anyone who provides personal services that could pierce the skin are required to obtain a personal service settings licence (at least in Toronto). This doesn't mean however that the person is certified* to perform brow lamination (since that's only required for hair styling), so I strongly urge that you go to a reputable location with trained aestheticians (look at the reviews).

If you're in Toronto and looking for "brow lamination near me" try The Brow House for Brow Lamination in Toronto.

How much does brow lamination cost?

 Type Cost
Brow Lamination $100-$175
Brow Lamination Kit $30-$150
Brow Lamination Glue $10-$40

    *It's important to note that these prices vary, however these are the common costs found in Toronto, Canada.

    If you're looking for a safe alternative and don't mind styling your brows daily, then try this Clear Bar Soap (for under $10).

    Brow Lamination At-Home

    You can get this same luscious brow lamination effect at-home! Yes, it's true 😂

    All you need to do is have the following:


    1. Wet your eyebrow spoolie brush (swipe quickly under running water).
    2. Gently rub the eyebrow brush along the brow soap until there's a bit of product on it (slightly white).
    3. Brush your brows upwards (and swoop along the top to create a smooth line, to the end of your eyebrow tail).
    4. Allow to dry (about a minute) until your eyebrows feel a bit* tacky, then use an eyebrow pencil to outline the bottom shape and arch of your brows.

    And there you have it!

    Enjoy your thicker, and fuller looking brows ❤️

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